How do I chronologically sort diary entries in a month? Because I don't write in it on a daily basis, I sometimes change a date using the "move to." command, but it does not go in the correct date sequence.
You could set the diary sorted by date in "customize current view-sort".

Are there intentions in making the Efficient Diary software for Apple iOS systems like Ipad / Iphone ?
Sorry, we don't have a version which support iOS operating system.

I paid this My Diary. The journal, what time is availible? 2 years or n years.
After you purchase the software, we will provide 2 years' free upgrade. After 2 years, you could either pay to upgrade, or use the remained features for ever.

I'd like to use effiecient diary with many pc....i need that the same file, the same diary, could be written from different persons on different pc, is it possible?
Yes, the network version of our software could meet your requirement. It will realise data sharing through a server which you could download it in our website. But each client computer need to obtain their own network version authority.

What are the limitations with the Freeware version of efficient diary?
You could get the difference between the paid version and the free one in our website: .

I recently installed a new monitor running at 1920 x 1080 - since doing this the toolbars in the diary ''New Entry Page' have become very small and the height of the bar that the tool bar buttons is very reduced, Can you advise me what controls these settings, I am running Win 7.
Sorry, the current version of our software couldn't change the fonts of "New Entry Page".

Would I be able to change / adapt the layout of the various forms?
Sorry, you could only choose the layout in "Customize Current View".

Efficient Diary: Is there a help file? Clicking on Help/Help does nothing.
You could press F1 to get access to the help page, or visit the online help: .

Hello, I received an email informing me about the new Efficient Diaryvversion 3 and I would like to download it. The problem I have is that I recently got a new laptop and I do not know how to load my older version so I can upgrade. Can you help me?
Please save the file in your old version to a USB flash drive, and then open it through the new version in your new laptop.

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