My registration code is no longer valid. Do I need to buy a new license?
We have changed the registration code in the 3.0 version. We have imported all the customers' purchase information to our customer management system. So you can get the new registration code in the following website by the email address you left when you bought our product:

Is there a way of installing Efficient Diary on a PDA or at least being able to read diary entries made on PC on a PDA?
Sorry,the current version of our software only support Windows OS.

Where's the register box in which I could enter the registration code? I couldn't find it.
Please make sure what you installed is the professional edition rather than the freeware.

I keep getting Tich Edit insertion error when I use spell check
Please try to upgrade to the latest version.

Hello, I'm Novia and I've used Efficient Diary free since a year ago. And now I want to make a review of Efficient Diary in my blog. Will I get the free license if I post a review of Efficient DIary in my Tumblr blog with small followers?
Yes, we will present you a free license if you make review to our software. Just send us the link of your blog.

Hello! I want to download an OLDER version of efficient diary (about 1.85 ... I don't remember the version when it was COMPLETELY free, without a "pro orfography" menu). so, do you got any links to archive of your software? if yes - where can I donwload this old version? If no - why? (I understand - marketing and other...but it will be very nice position)
You could download the previous version in this website: .

Can I run efficient diary on a mac?
Sorry, the current version of our software only support Windows OS.

Can I run efficient diary on multiple computers (I have three) using one set of registration number?
Yes, you could use one license(for home/personal edition) in three computers at the same time.

When I write my diary on a usb thumb drive, how do I corporate it into the main diary folders in my desk top computer?
You could export the data in the thumb drive and then import it to the desktop computer.

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