I've got the Pro version of your Efficient Diary, with the spelling check. BUT I'm an Italian user so I need an Italian dictionary, for that. Where can I find it? Thanking you in advance, Anna Balderi
You could add dictionary in "Tools-Spelling options".

I can't seem to get the spellchecker to check as you type and correct as you type? I have a full version of diary and I am running it portable of a usb hard drive. Please can you help?
Please choose "automatically correct spelling errors as you type" in "Tools-spelling options".

How do i import my efficency diary entrys + attachments to my efficiency pim?
You could export the data in your diary as .csv file and then import it to Efficient PIM.

I have one question about the new version - why I can not write or read a file from a network share? I keep all the files just for this type of drive previous versions fared no problem with that - I think it's not about buying the network version?
In the 3.0 version, you could only open the file which is located in the local folder, that means it is not in the networked folders or redirected folders.

My name is Barry with ThinkEz IT Computer support Services. I have a client that is using your software on a trial basis. They really like it and want to upgrade to the paid version. However, they are looking to be able to network this between two computers so they can both see the calendar at the same time. I was checking in to see if this has that ability thanks
Yes, the network edition of our software could realise data sharing through a server which you could download in our website for free. But each computer need to buy a network authority.

I have been using Efficient Diary for a few years on my laptop and love it. I have just purchased an iPad for when I am away on holidays (the laptop is too big to carry around) and I was wondering if I could continue to log my daily activities using Efficient Diary on the iPad. I haven't found an equivalent app in the iPad store. Any chance you could produce an app that could use the same database as the PC version so they could be updated independently?
Sorry, the current version of our software only support Windows OS.

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