I have been using the Efficient Diary Portable (free version) on my usb memory for sometime and I wish to upgrade to the paid version, my questions are; if I purchase Efficient Diary Pro (Home Licence) can I import my old diary entries that I have written with the free version and once I have bought the software is it mine forever or is it a subscription service where I have to renew my licence every year? Also I can't seem to see Efficient Diary Pro Portable for purchase could you show me the link to it please
Yes, you could open the old file in the professional version directly. Once you buy it, we will provide 2 years' free upgrade, after 2 years, you could either pay to upgrade, or use the existed feature forever. You could buy it in our website: . The registration code you bought could be used on both the desktop and portable version.

I have Efficient Diary Pro and I would like to upgrade to network version (working at home and outside). How can I upgrade, because network version seems to be little too expensive?
Since you already have the personal edition, you could upgrade to the network edition with $15 in our website: .

Can I secure my diary on an USBstick? Can this be read on an other PC without "efficient diary"? I'm afraid that I can't open it because its a different file (instead of "doc"
You could download the portable version into your USB flash drive in our website: . Then you could use the diary in different computers.

Is there an efficient diary version for android? And if there is can I migrate the data I have on my desktop efficient diary to my android one?
Sorry, we don't have a version for smart phone. We will develop such a version in the future.

How do I find the address when I want to insert a hyperlink in Efficient Diary?
You could add hyperlink by clicking "Edit-add file link" in the diary entry page.

I have just installed Efficient Diary and put a password in. However I would prefer not to have a password and was wondering if it is possible to remove it? thank you
Yes, you could choose to change the password and leave the password empty.

I have tried to remove my password from efficient diary. Please tell me how I can accomplish this task?
Just choose to change the password, and leave the password blank if you want to remove the password.

I using efficint Diary 3.0. is it free software?
Yes, we have a free edition.

As soon as I open Efficient Diary, I press Data View button, so what I get are diaries for ( Today, Current month, Current year, Last 7 Days or Last 30 days), but what about last year 2011. How can I find my entries for last year??
Please choose "All Diary Entries" in the left pane.

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