i have been using efficient dairy for almost a year. i don know, for some reason it does not open and it says "in order to use efficient dairy, you need to open existing file or open a new file" what is this mean ? all of my dairies has been deleted???? can you please help me with this? thank you so much.
Please don't worry, our software won't delete any of your data automatically. Please search the .edf or .edfx file in your computer, and open it in the software.

I have just bought a copy of Efficient Diary and I have downloaded the USB version as well. Is it correct that the Pro version cannot be sync'ed with the USB version? The reason I ask is that I want to use the Pro version on my home computer and have it in sync with the USB version which I take to work. In my work place I do not have administrator rights so I can't load the Pro version. I can only use the version on my USB drive. Ideally I only want one data collection broken up into groups as I can do in the Pro version. All I can do at the moment is copy and paste the data from the free version to the Pro version when I get home. Do you have any suggestions? The product is ideal for my use but being able to sync the info from the two machines would really help.
You need to sync. the data manually. That means you should backup the data to the USB every time. Or you could download the portable version into your USB flash drive. Then you could use the software in every computer.

I have checked the box to encrypt the diary every time I close it and it was asking me every time I closed if I wanted to encrypt and I clicked yes. Now when I close it, nothing pops up asking me if I want to encrypt. I need it to encrypt, please help me
It will ask you to encrypt the data only when you set password for it in the software. So please make sure you have set a password for the diary in "File-Password Protection".

I have put a password on my free edition of your diary software and I am looking for information on how to crack the password or reset it.
You could change the password in "File-password protection".

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