I have been using Efficient Diary portable and now think I can use it more formally. If I upgrade to 3 seats for the network version will I be able to import my existing diary entries? Does the current sale include the network version? What would the current costs be? How have you progressed with the "paste as plain text" option? I had contacted you earlier asking f there was some way to paste without any formatting, so text would pick up the default. I look forward from hearing from you.
Yes, you could open the old file in the network edition directly. Now we provide 25% discount, each license for the network edition only needs $29.96, you could buy it in our website:

I have had Effficient diary on my old computer. Since last week I have a new comp. I would like to know if my files have been lost or can I access them agin and how. I have instaled a program to my comp but I can not open my files from before. Please help I dont want to loose them. Thank you.
Firstly, please download the software in our website and install it into your new computer. Secondly, backup the data in your old computer. Thirdly, restore the backup file in the new software in your new computer.

How to transfer the data from free Efficient Diary to Paid home Efficient diary. I have used the free cersion for about a year. I don't want to keep two vesions. Thanks.
You could open the data of the free version in the paid version directly.

My problem still exists. It's not a big deal, just a pain in the ass. I have to enter my password everytime I open my diary pro program. Also I have your file converter program and want to install it on another computer, but I don't have the registration number. Could you please email it to me.
We have imported all the customers' purchase information to our customer management system. So you can get back the registration code in the following website by the email address you left when you bought our product:

Will your diary/daily journal work with my operating system?
Yes, our software is compatible with your operating system.

I'm using Efficient Diary, but I can't find my entries for last year (2011). I made search but I didn't find any entry. Please help.
Our software won't change any of your data automatically. Please make sure the file you opened is the same one you write down the diary.

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