I already have the Efficient Diary Pro software. When I opened Efficient Diary Pro I was notified that there was an upgrade available of which I requested. However, after downloading the upgrade I get a message advising me that it is a 30 day trial when I thought it might have been a free upgrade. I do not want the upgrade and now it will not allow me to open my Efficient Diary Pro without a purchase. I need to have this resolved a.s.a.p. because I have important information needed immediately and cannot retrieve it without your support.
You could download the free version in our website:, and then open the old file in the new version.

My name is Victoria and I recently downloaded the Efficient Diary software portable edition and find it amazing. I don't remember where I download it from, I know it wasn't from your main website. What I'm trying to figure out is if my version is free or if there even is a free version? My version didn't say anything about a 30-day trail when I started it up. I'm just trying to figure out what version I have since I fear of losing my data if it is a 30-day trail, telling me at the last minute.
You could check the version information by clicking "Help-About".

The Efficient Diary Pro needs an installation. This is the thing I do not want. How to have this Diary Pro as a portable version. Or is this impossible?
Please download the portable version in our official website:

recently the dates of all my diary entries have become jumbled in seemingly a random order. Efficient Diary 3.0 (build 319)
Please try to sort the diary in "Customize Current View".

How do I add earlier dates and change dates on entries? Want to add entries prior to current date and correct wrong dates.
You could change the date by choosing "move to" in the entry page.

Purchases the efficient diary pro edition a few weeks ago; I thought that it would give me a basis to set my diary up so that i could access from a location other than the one computer. Over the past year, I had two computers to crash and each time, I have to start my diary from the start. Any suggestion on resolving this issue would be appreciated.
Our software doesn't have the sync. feature, we will add it in the future version. Now you could backup the data to a USB flash drive.

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