I tried using the registration code I acquired as per your instruction; but, now I get a window that give me two options to open the software; either "OPEN FILE" or "NEW FILE." I want to open the file that contains all the data I have input since I purchased the software two years ago; but, I haven't any idea where to find it.
Please search the .edf file in your computer, and then open it in our software.

I downloaded Efficient Diary a few weeks ago. I love it! Easy to use and type in account of what I do through the day at work. Easy to search. I would love to purchase the full version, but would like to know if in the future your company will be making an android version so I can sync with my phone and computer?
Yes, we will develop the version for smart phone and add the sync. feature.

I want to purchase your Efficient Diary Pro Portable edition. I do not want the Desktop version. However, I am unable to locate a purchase button for your Portable version in the Online Purchase Order Form. Please send me the correct internet link to your Purchase Order Form for the Portable version so that I can pay for it.
The registration code for the desktop version could be used in the portable version.

I had efficient diary on my old computer. The computer was lost in a housefire. Fortunately I had everything backed up to a disk, but when I search the disk all I get is the old shortcut. How do I get my files back?
Please search the .edf/.edfx file in your computer. And you could download the software in our website:

I bought a new computer and installed Efficient Diary Pro. It is a MacBook, but I am running it under WIndows. Now Efficient Diary Pro can not open the backup file I did a couple of weeks ago from my previous computer. That is devastating, the existing diary was of great importance to me.
You couldn't open the backup file in our software, you could only restore it.

Hello, I downloaded the efficient diary on my laptop. Unfortunately, it was stolen. Is there a way to recover my information?
Please search the .edf/.edfx file in your computer,and then open it in our software.

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