I currently use the free version of MyDiary. I am buying a new laptop and would like to transfer the program and all of my diary files to my new computer. How do I do that?
You can copy your previous files to your new computer, and these files can be opened all the same. Or you can click Export Diary Entry to File on Actions menu, and copy this file to your new computer. And then start Efficient Diary, and click Import New Diary Entry From File on Actions menu to import it.

Do you plan on having your program capable of inking / penable input for Tablet PC. I use One Note as a diary, I would use your program if the diary was capable for hand writting input that showed my handwritting not just converting to text.
I'm sorry that the present versions did not have this function. We will develop it in the next version soon.

How can I import diary info from old computer to new please?
Firstly, you should save your previous diary info as comma delimited file(CSV). And then sent it to you new computer. At last, click Import on Tools menu. After that, you can import your information successfully!

I am considering using/buying Efficient Diary. I have a good sized diary that I now keep in an Excel spreadsheet. Is there any way to import this into your program?
Our software support importing/exporting any .csv file, so you could export the data in other software as .csv file and then import it to our software.

I have purchased the portable efficient Diary Programm today - But when i put my usb stick from the laptop to my Pc, or in my office there, than all data is gone, and also i have to register again it tells me.
The software won't delete any of your data. Please choose to save the data into your USB flash drive in "Tools-options-General".

Have new PC now - on old PC I I did Back Up & then also saved my files onto an external hard-drive . When I try to access these files from external hard-drive message comes up that Windows cannot open this type of file . I am referring to the Diary . Seriously need your help on this problem .
Only our software could open the file, please download our software in our website:

Why doesn't Efficient Diary terminate when I click the X button? If I click this button, I expect the program to end completely.
Please unselect the option "Click close to minimize program" in "Tools-options-General".

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