I would like to put the new update on win 7 computer, but I would also like to transfer the data base that I have built up. How do I do that. I also purchased an other program from you that I use quite often, Efficient Video Converter 1.0 Build 4, and I would like to transfer this program to my win 7 computer as well. But I don't have the user or password anymore.
You can download Efficient Diary Pro on your new computer : And then search *.edfx files on your old computer. And copy them to your new one. Your data files can also be opened on your new computer. But Your registration code has been expired. You can click Help -> About to see the precise information about it. And you can renew and continue to use it : And also you can download Efficient Video Converter on your new computer.

Hello, I have been using Efficient Diary Portable edition for a year on my laptop. However, I have decided to buy a new laptop and want to move my data to it. Is it possible to re-install it to my new laptop without losing my diary entries? What do I need to do?
If you used Efficient Diary Portable edition, you can find its directory and copy it to your new computer. And run EfficientPIM.exe on your new one.

I just purchased Efficient Diary and want to set it up to track a number of different projects/activities in my life. For example - Music composing activities, Gardening Activities and Investment Activities. Is it best to use Groups for different activities or categories ? Do you have any examples ? Also I can't find any help on how to setup and use categories.
You can create new groups to sort them. You can know more information about it at

I lost my password in my diary... I am italian and i loved it, i used it as a personal diary (for writing personal things and post my images) but i can't enter!! My last password was -codelyoko-, but i changed it and now with rhe new password (C4R7H4G0) it doesn't open... I'm really worried because it was my first diary and i loved it... Is there any solution? Thank you for replying..
The login password is encrypted by the irreversible algorithm of SHA, even us could not know your password. I'm sorry! If you have backup your file, you can search it to have a try. Generally, the directory is "My DocumentsEfficient Organizer AutoBackup".

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