If i update my Diary will all the saved stuff still be there after the update? Also can we have some more Emotions added to the list please?
usually, our software will backup your file automatically like the picture below.but just in case, you can backup your file manually before upgrade and for the more emotions added, we will tell our programmers , if they think it is ok, we will add in the future.

I cannot access my data files until you allow me access to the program.
the version you used before has been expired(since you bought it, you have two years' upgrading), you can renew at:

Not sure if my online support form went through so just wanted to send an email as well. I have Efficient Diary 3.53 installed on a desktop PC. I will be travelling away for a few weeks and would like to install Efficient Diary onto the laptop also. I was wondering if there is a way I could store the diary data file onto my google online drive and have both programs access the online drive data file, but then when I return from travelling I want to go back to using the desktop local version with a local file. I don't want to worry about internet access going down once I get back to the office again and not being able to access my diary.
till now , we are still devoted ourslves into developing this kind edition, but now, you can backup your data and then transfer it to you laptop.(you should download efficient dairy in your laptop,and then you can open your data)

On the free version (which I'm trying out to see if it will help my 10 y.o. with school work) is there a way to change the default sound with the reminders?
Yeah, you can add other sound by clicking Sound Setting in the Event-editing window.

When I print my diary I want only 4 columns, weather, emotion, date and content. How can I delete the other columns?
If you want to print the content of your diary, you need to click pringting in the diary-editing window. Besides, you need to write the date, emotion and wether in the text box of diary-editing window.

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