Will my same license key work on the portable version or will I have to buy another one?
yes, you can use the same one

I purchased Efficient Diary Pro online a few weeks ago (July 28, 2013). I don't seem to think I received my Registration Code by email - I was waiting for it so that I could set-up when I received it. I received and loaded the CD this week and I had been using the Evaluation Version in the meantime. When I loaded the CD, I have tried to enter the following codes as my Registration Number, and they don't seem to work:
the license code is the registration code please download it at:

It looks like the changes to your latest version will allow printing of diary entries, but if I delete my old version to enable installation of the latest version will my existing registration code work with it?
yes, you can, i found your information that you can use this code to enjoy free upgrading till March14,2014. so don't worry!( please backup your file before upgrade)

Tried that, but whatever method I use (e.g. File - print; or use the print icon as you have suggested), it is still only printing out the one-line Content Brief for each day of the period selected and not the full detail of the daily entries. I have loaded my original version onto an old computer and it still functions as it did before - i.e. if I selected last seven days, or last month, etc. it prints out the full entry for every day of the period selected. I have even moved the right margin of the content brief area, but it will still only print the first line and not the full entry. It therefore seems that it is a glitch in the update, or has this facility been removed? If it has, it would be a great shame as I used to print my diary off monthly, but now I can't print it off at all. I would appreciate any help in this.
we did some change on our latest version today, you can download the latest version to have a try. wish this will help you

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