I used the free version of ED for about a year before I purchased ED Pro (see below) and had not had any problems until early this year when I lost a year and a half of journal entries somehow when I did the upgrade to the newer version. I tried everything to get entries back which I was unsuccessful (back up only showed entries I did before I purchased Pro...the free version). Needless to say, I was very upset. After months of not using ED Pro, today I went in to start my journal again only to find another upgrade and only 30 day trial available. I tried using my registration code below and it tells me it is not valid. Now, I cannot even see my enteries done before I bought ED Pro! I tried downloading again but still doesn't work. I am thinking that I lost over 3 years of journal entries and it has me very sick to my stomach.
The upgrade won't delete any of your data. Please search the .edf file in your computer and open it in our software. We have changed the registration code in the 3.0 version. We have imported all the customers' purchase information to our customer management system. So you can get the new registration code in the following website by the email address you left when you bought our product:

I have the Pro Diary Efficient and need one spellchecker for Portuguese.
You could add your own dictionary in "Tools-spelling options".

I am looking for an address book that will accept data from Lotus Organizer. EfficientPIM now supports importing comma delimited files (usually with extension .csv or .txt). You can click the 'Import' command on the 'Tools' menu of the main window to display the Import window.
Most programs of this type can export to comma delimited files, and EfficientPIM is certainly not an exception. You can also import RTF files or text files into notes or diary.

I just purchased Efficient Diary Pro after using the free portable version for a few days. I like to support shareware and I like your product. Unfortunately, it does not appear as though I can use the Pro version on a USB device, as had been doing with the free, portable version. :( Can you please advise?
Efficient Diary Pro also has a portable version. Please download on: More detail information on: .

Does the free version give us the same functionality as the paid version? We need to be able to open up multiple diary files at the same time.
The difference between the free version and paid version can be seen on

We are running a older version of your Diary System. Are we able to update to the latest version without any charge?
If you have purchased Efficient Diary Pro, please download and install the latest 1.96 version directly. You can register the software with your previous registration code without re-purchasing. For more information on how to upgrade the software, please refer to:

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