I have the free portable edition of Efficiency Diary and have been using it since August. I store it on a flash drive. I'm not able to open and use the program anymore because of this error message: Exception EIniException in module EfficiencyDiary.exe at 00059D45. Unable to write to F:\EfficiencyDiary-Port\Language\Language.ini ?/div> How can this be fixed? I'm willing to buy the program but not if this is going to be a problem or if my files are lost.
Please delete the file F:\EfficiencyDiary-Port\Language\Language.ini in Windows Explorer and restart the program.

Efficient Diary Pro saved my files into .edf format and it needs to be .csv. How to I get these diary entries imported?
Please export your .edf diary files to .rtf file first, and then import. Choose the records in the diary list and right click, then click on "Export Diary Entry to File".

I have just put on my computer your mydiary.edf, when i installed it i put a password in place thinking that you have to have one.I have noticed thou that when i open it says if you have no password just open.I would like to take my password off so i could do this ,it would save me putting my password in each time.Could you tell me how to delete my password.
You can delete the password by clicking on "Password" command in "file" menu.

Hello I have recently download a free efficient diary version from cnet's website. However I was wondering if there was a way I can type in Chinese. I tried changing the programs language to Chinese Simplified but the programs names all changed to "??" So i was wondering if there is something I can do to change it or let me write in Chinese?
It's because that our software currently does not support Unicode. If you need to input Chinese, you have to install the software in the Chinese operating system. the , the software is ecpected to support Unicode around Version 4.0, and then you can enter the Chinese in any operating system.

I am using the free version of the Diary and am very pleased with it. One concern I have is if I have to get a new computer will I be able to transfer the contents of the diary to another machine? I am in the process of typing my diaries from the 1970's and have already done four years and don't want to loose the entries and pictures I have already put into the Diary. Is there any way I can back everything to a disc?
Please operate as the following methods: 1. Run the software in your previous computer, click "Backup" command in the "File" menu, and back up the data into the USB flash drive. 2. Run the software in your new computer, and click "Restore" command in the "File" menu, and choose to recover the data from the USB flash drive.

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