I jumped the gun and sent you a previous email regarding importing from Daily Journal - please ignore. I found out that RTF files CAN be imported, so I tried it, but it came in as TODAY's date and DELETED today's entry! How can I add other years as SEPARATE FOLDERS, like 2010, and then import the files into those years? Can't the dates be edited? I have journal entries from 1991 that I would like to transfer, but I don't want to mess up the dates of the entries. I want to add them by year.
Sorry, in this edition, the default date of the diary imported is today. Please click "Move to" button in editing interface to change the date. "Group" means that you can classify your diaries into groups of life diary, work diary and so on. Click "Group View" on the toolbar to swich the interface as group view.

I just downloaded MyDiary and wondered if there is any way to transfer entries from my old program, Daily Journal, to yours?
The first time when you use EfficientPIM, you may hope to import existing information, such as contact information, produced by other software you use. EfficientPIM now supports importing comma delimited files (usually with extension .csv or .txt). You can click the 'Import' command on the 'Tools' menu of the main window to display the Import window. Most programs of this type can export to comma delimited files, and EfficientPIM is certainly not an exception. You can also import RTF files or text files into notes or diary.

I cannot access the help manual on the Journal trial program. Would I receive access to a off-line how-to file if I buy the Pro version of Efficient Software Journal , is there a problem with the download, or is your only help on-line?
Please download the latest Version 1.97 on After it's installed, click the "Help" order in "Help" menu to see if the how-to file can be shown.

I've been using Advanced Diary for several years now and would like to switch over to Efficient PIM. Their software allows exporting of diary entries into TXT, HTML or RTF format (there is no CSV option). Is there a way to batch import TXT files into Efficient PIM, or is the only way to import them one-by-one using the option of "import new diary entry from file."
You can import RTF files or text files into Efficient PIM diary by clicking the 'Import' command on the 'Tools' menu of the main window. It can't batch import TXT files right now.

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