It is possible to publish in the covermounting CD of our magazine Office Magazine, the your software Efficient Diary Free 3?
You are granted the permission to freely distribute as many copies of Efficient Diary as you wish and distribute it to anyone. You can distribute it in any method, including but not limited to cover mount CD-ROM.

I installed the portable version. The edf files do not turn into the MyDiary icons so I cannot click on them. I would like to have a button on my QuickLaunch for this Diary program but it dissappears each time I reboot the computer.
Please operate as the following method: 1. Start Efficient Diary Portable Editon. 2. Click "Options" in the "Tools" menu. 3. Click "Portable Edition" on the left. 4. Tick related check box. 5. Click "OK".

Reinstalled on C: and it works. Installing on USB drive seems not functional. Is there no portable version ?
Please download Efficient Diary 1.51 Portable Edition at . Efficient Diary Portable was designed to run from a USB flash drive. To run Efficient Diary Portable from your USB flash drive, just download, and decompress it on your flash drive and run EfficientDiary.exe. Please browse to learn more information about Efficient Diary Portable.

The search now does not let me see immediately the diary entry.I have to double click on every Diary entry found in the search and I receive a terrible diary entry pop-up.
You can click "View->Diary Entry Content->Show Diary Entry Content" command to display the diary content.

Your diary is unusable if not possible to save in word document many diary days so it would be read as a long document.
Now, diary entry can be saved as rtf documents, rtf format is more popular, and can be opened by Word. But the current edition can not batch export of diary entry to rtf documents. We will add this function in the following edition.

I cannot adjust the columns in Table View.
You can click "Customize current View" command in the "View" menu to set the order of column or display some list, you can also adjust the width of the column.

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