Can you pease explain how to do a diary entry for the future like the next day or week, I might be silly but I can only do entries for the current day.
You can click the "New Diary for a Previous Day" command in the "Actions" menu in the main interface. Or you can click the "Move to" command in the diary entry editing interface.

I followed instructions. After installation, I looked in the program folder for Efficient Diary, and there is no EfficientDiary.ini file. There is a file called "links" that is shown as a configuration file, but deleting it didn't do any good. I'm still having the same problem "Efficient Diary (Not Responding)." I'm so sorry to have to bother you, but I've been keeping this journal for 3-4 months and hate to lose it. I will attach the file again if you need it.
After the first start up of Efficient Diary, the the "My Documents\My Diary.edf" document will be opened as default. Please try to rename "My Diary.edf" to "My Diary1.edf", then restart Efficient Diary. Or can you send us the "My Documents\My Diary.edf" document for a test? Or, there may be another possibility; some systematic document of your computer has already been damaged by some other program, which leads to the failure operation of Efficient Diary and other software. Under this circumstance, I am afraid , you have to re-install your operation system to solve this problem.

I have just started using the diary and want to store all entries away from the main C Drive. Is it possible to allocate a folder on another drive where all diary files are automatically stored, making the diary portable?
Please operate as the following methods. 1. Run Efficient Diary. 2. Click "Save As" command on the "Files" menu. 3. Choose one non-C disk path. 4. Click "Ok".

How do I set an entry for a future date? It says I can and even opens a window to select a month and date but when you select the date you want nothing happens. A diary programme that can not accept an entry in the future is of no use. Also I can not see where you can make an entry for a date as an anniversary ie will be added to that date every year or month or whatever.
Please click "Move To" in the Diary Entry editing interface to change the date of the Diary Entry. By the way, in the Main Interface, there are "New Diary for a Previous Day" command besides "New Diary Entry" command.

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