I am looking vor germanversion of the eficient diary. how to find it?
You could change the language in "Tools-Language-German".

I attached my previous journal to Efficient Diary, but I do not know what has happened to it or how to view it.
The attachment is saved in C:\My Documents as the eff.attach file by default. You could view it either in the diary entries or in the folder where the attachment is preserved automatically.

My previous journals were done in MS Word and I would like to know how to import these into Efficient Diary.
Our software only support .csv data. If your data is in .csv format, you could import it directly to our software, if not, please transform it to .csv format first.

How long is the subscription paid in the amount of $29.00 good for?
We will provide two year's free upgrade for you after you purchase the software, and you may either pay for upgrade or use the existed feature forever after two years.

I have one qustion - how to delete diary note (folders)?
If you want to delete a folder under Date View, you have to delete all the diaries in the year, and then the folder would disappear at the next entry. But if you want to delete a folder under Group View, you can do it by right-clicking the folder.

I deleted an .edf file. It still shows up in the list that appears on the bottom when I click on the "File" menu. Is there any way to remove it from that list?
Diary\EfficientDiary.ini in wordpad, delete the one you want to in RecentFiles.

I can only view 2010 entries in my diary and not previous years?
Please choose "All Diary Entries" please.

Hi all,great software the efficient diary. i am using the free portable version.. Is there any chance that future versions will allow me to display the Title of a post alongside or instead of the "content brief", on the list of diary entries? I think having the title also visible/displayable on that list would be very helpful.
Press the "Customize Current View" in the left, you could choose the show field.

I have been a happy user of Efficient Diary for some time. However, today I found out something I wasn't very pleased to find: On your web pages, the following sentence can be found: "The login password is encrypted by the irreversible algorithm of SHA; besides, the content of the file itself is encrypted so that your private information is fully protected." Until today, I trusted this. But by using the free utility "Peek" (info below), I had no problems seeing the contents of the database file. So my private information is in fact not protected at all. Comments? (Could the reason be that I am using the portable version of Efficient Diary?)
After setting a password, you should exit the software, when you enter again, you will be asked to input the password. That is to say, you couldn't even browse the amount of your diaries unless you input the right password.

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