I have bought a new laptop. How can I take over My Diary from the old Laptop. I have Problems with the edfx format.
First, download and install the Efficient PIM in our website: to your new computer, then, run the new software by entering the registration code you purchased; thirdly, backup the data in your old diary to the USB flash drive; finally, restore the backup data to the new diary.

I have a new laptop and i do not want to start a new diary afresh. i do not know if there is anyway i can transfer all the contents of the one in my old laptop to the new one.... my stuff is really important and i do not want to lose any of it.
First, please backup the data in your diary to a flash drive or something like that. Then, download and install a new Efficient diary software to your new laptop from our website: . Last, restore the data in the flash drive to the new software in your new laptop.

I have seen your offer for Efficient Diary Pro and am interested but I can't find any info on your website that describes the additional features provided by the Pro version vs. the Free version. Please send any information you have. I like and use the free program often and would gladly pay for additional features.
You could get the differences between the free edition and the paid one on our webpage: .

Can you tell me if I can use Swedish dictionary when I write in diary. If how do I find it and install it.
You could set it in "Tools-spelling options" .

Thank you for such a wonderful and handy software to keep tracks of thought and search back easily and still free. I have only one question, When can i use option "group" efficiently?
Group in Diary means you could classify your diary into different group, for example, some diary are about your work, while others about your daily life.

I have the Efficient Diary Pro on my stationary computer. I would like to move it to my laptop. How do I do that?
First, please instal the software into your laptop; secondly, export the data of the software in your stationary computer to a USB flash drive or something like that; thirdly, import the data in the USB flash drive to the software in your laptop. Then, you could run the software in your laptop as usual.

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