I am trying out the Efficient Diary software and it looks great. I have used other diary software in the past and felt secure knowing the data files were formatted so they could not be read. Their binary database looked totally random. I just took a look a the .edf file and although not clear text, it was not hard to read each of my entries. Is there any method for scrambling the .edf file so it cannot be read with a text editor?
First please set the password protection for the whole diary software, and then choose "Prompt me to confirm encryption when closing a file" in "Tool-Options-Action Confirmation". It would ask you whether to encrypt the .edf file when you close it.

Is it true that you cannot create an entry directly inside the group you want it to be i.e. all new entries will initially go to the 'Other Diary Entries' group... you then have to subsequently move it to the group you want.I thought that if I highlighted the group I wanted my new entry to go to first then any new entries I make would go into that group, but it is not working that way for me since as I said above every new entry is always going into 'Other Diary Entries'.
If you choose "All Diary" and then add a new diary entry, then it will save in "Other Diary Entries" by default.However, if you choose the group in which you want to add new diary before you create a new diary entry, it will save in the group you choose automatically.

Hi, was wondering if I can change the default folders for saving (and for autobak saving).it keeps re-creating the folders in MY DOCUMENTS and I do not want the folders there, but somewhere else. Is that possible? I'm using Efficient Diary 1.98.
Yes, you could change the default autoback folder in "Tools-Options-General-Automatically Backup". But the program would save the data into the folder where you install the software and you couldn't change it unless you re-install it.

Hi - I'm using --and love-- Efficient Diary Pro. I just received a message asking me if I wanted to buy it for a discounted price of $18.71. Is this an upgrade? Do I need to do this? I'm afraid I don't understand exactly what to do.
You are using the 30-days full functional trial version. It has the same features as the paid version, but it will be expired after 30 days. So if you want to use it after 30 days, you should purchase it. Or you could choose to use the free version which is free forever, you could get the differences between the free version and the professional version in our website: .

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