I use the efficient diary for the past two year. Recently my system crashed and I had to reinstall your software. But the date/month/yr arrangement vanished. It now shows month/date/year. How do I set it back to date/month/year arrangement?
The date format of our software is the same with that of you computer system. So you have to set the format in you system setting.

I've just bought a brand new laptop and would like to know if I still have a permission to instal another copy of Efficient Diary Pro and how could I do that. I have that program installed in only one computer until now.
Yes.You only need to install Efficient Diary in your new laptop, and enter the registration code we sent you.

I was able to find my registration number and copied and pasted it into the program so it is open and operational. However I need explicit step by step instructions on how to import files from my back up folder into the diary before I get any further behind in my record keeping. I have Efficient Diary Pro 1.97 Build 99. I hope that is the information you required.
You could restore the backup file to the new software. Please click "restore" under the "File" menu, and follow its prompts.

I have attached a test diary that I have just created, in setting it up I am still unable to view attachments that are jpg but the gif files present OK.
It's because the original picture has been deleted. We will saved the attachment to the same folder of the software in next version. Then the problem that the attached picture couldn't be shown wouldn't occur any more.

Your efficient diary is not secure. Saved files can easily readable by even with notepad.....
Please choose to "passoword protection" to the diary.

A feature I would like is the ability to Password protect the Diary with a different Password than the one for the PIM. Is that available?
Yes, you could set a unique password for the Diary Module only in "File-Password Protection".

I am trying out the Efficient Diary software and it looks great. I have used other diary software in the past and felt secure knowing the data files were formatted so they could not be read. Their binary database looked totally random. I just took a look a the .edf file and although not clear text, it was not hard to read each of my entries. Is there any method for scrambling the .edf file so it cannot be read with a text editor?
First please set the password protection for the whole diary software, and then choose "Prompt me to confirm encryption when closing a file" in "Tool-Options-Action Confirmation". It would ask you whether to encrypt the .edf file when you close it.

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