After download of efficient diary has been completed by my son, i have lost my password notice; how can " I " manage this problems on my own way. nn yr help urgently.
Sorry, we couldn't find the password for you since the function of password is to guard the custmoer's privacy.Remember, the password is case-sensitive. Therefore, please pay attention to the state of the Caps Lock key when you enter the password.

I use the same diary at home and office. So I need the same diary to be available at multiple locations (i.e. at home and at office). Note difficult to use the portable version for this.
Yes, in the current version, you have to use the portable version, or you could backup the data to a USB flash drive, and then restore it to the other computer, however, it's rather inconvenient to backup each time. We will release the online version within this month, then you could use the same data through a net server.

It should also be able to export data to and from it to other application such as MSWORD. (e.g. I should be able to keep a full month's data in MSWORD format)
Our software only support import/export .csv file.

I should be able to view/update/use it in multiple platforms (e.g. in my Android data tab, in all my Windows computers, as a web application embedded in a web browser, etc)
Sorry, even our online version could only support Windows OS. But we will add the sync. feature in the future which would sync. the data in your computer with your palm devices.

What are the export/output formats available with your application?
You could export the data in our software as .csv file.

Can i write my diary in hindi front in your software?
If the operating system of your computer is in hindi, then you could write you diary in hindi.

Does there any provision is there for selecting front while writing diary in your software?
The current version of our software doesn't support unicode, that means you could only use the same language as your operating system. What's more, you could use English in any OS.

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