I would like to add the muslim's holiday and how can I do it?
In fact, you could only import the holidays from "Language\English\Holiday" folder in the file where you instal the software. And the format is .eph. What's more, you could make the .eph file by yourself as the following steps: download EfficientPIM Localizer from ; and then use the program Holidy File Maker in it to make the .eph file.

I have been using Efficient Diary Pro for a few years now. I have now went to a new computer system; a PC platform with a windows 7 operating system. I was on a PC with XP Service Pak 3 and it worked fine. But it will not open in Windows 7. What can I do?
Our software is compatible with win7. Please backup the data of Efficient Diary in the computer with XP OS,and then restore it into the one with Win7.

I cannot check spelling when I wrote in French.
Please check whether you have the French dictionary in the software by "Tools-Spelling options" and if not, you could add it.

I am getting pretty frustrated that this new registration code does not work either!
Please make sure you are using the 3.0 version. Because the new registration code we sent you in the previous email is only for 3.0 or the above version. You could check the version in "Help-About".

I have been using Loki Diary for about 15 years. It saves data as an .mdb file. Can I import this data into Efficient Diary? I have downloaded the free version.
Our software only support importing .csv file.

I think that Efficient Diary Server will satisfy the needs of my business. But I need to know a little more about its installation on the computers in my office. Currently all computers are connected to a Windows 2000 server. We have recently installed a large hard disk on one computer that all users can access. It is our intention to remove the Windows 2000 server from the system. I want to provide a single diary so that all users can view and input data on the same diary. This will really improve communication within my business. We have 5 computers to which I want to connect to Efficient Diary.Will it be possible for Efficient Diary Server to be installed on the computer with the large HD so that we can all view and input to the same diary?
Yes, you could install the server in any computer you like.

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