I have started a diary now twice and keep on loosing (=forgetting) my selfdecided entry code. Is there any way that I can decode the two files that I cannot enter now anymore?
Sorry, we couldn't find the password for you since the function of password is to guard the custmoer's privacy.Remember, the password is case-sensitive. Therefore, please pay attention to the state of the Caps Lock key when you enter the password.

I have the free version of the Efficient Diary Portable on my USB flash drive. I used to run it on my old laptop but it needs repair and I can't use it right now. I'm trying to open the files on my new laptop or my desktop PC but it won't open them and keeps asking me to choose the program. I want to open this file. I don't know what to choose. I picked word pad and it totally messed up my files. How to I correct that and what do I open them with? I tried downloading the Efficient diary program to my laptop to see if that would help but it doesn't seem to help either.
In priciple, you could open the .edf file in Efficient Diary. Please make sure you have transfer the data in your USB flash drive to your laptop. And then open it in Efficient Diary.

Hi, thank you for the efficient diary free software. I want to ask, if I do not want my diary to be password protected, how can I change the option?
You could re-set the password in "File-password protection", and if you don't want to set any password for the software, just leave the new password be empty.

At first i wish you Happy new year. Can you send me fre code for efficient Diary Pro please.
We have imported all the customers' purchase information to our customer management system. So you can get the new registration code in the following website by the email address you left when you bought our product:

Would your software automatically enter the user name and/or password information needed for the program or document?
Sorry, the current version does not have this feature.

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