Just an idea for efficient diary: you should have it encrypt the diary files. It was extremely easy to open it up in Notepad ++ and see exactly what I wrote. Good thing I caught it before some else did.
You could set password in the software to protect the diary by "File-Password protection". And a window will pop up to ask you whether to encrypt the file when you try to exit the program.

Today I upgraded my Efficient Diary to the latest edition, and I have lost many of my former entries that I had in the older version. At least, they did not go into the new edition. I had several entries in 2011, but none of them were added to this version. I can't find them, and have no way to get them into this latest version, or do I?
In principle, when you open the old .edf file in the new version, the system should upgrade the file to .edfx automatically. It won't delete any entries in the process of the transformation. Please make sure you have opened the file in which you have written diary of 2011. And try to choose "All Diaries" in the software.

I've been trying your product Efficient Diary for some years , and now your product has made progress to the Efficient Diary Professional, and at the same time I've been using the Office Diary as a registered user. Compare to the Office Diary, your Efficient Diary is superior in the powerful search capabilities as well as the viewing tree of the diary items. As to my special preference, I favor the search capabilities of your Efficient Diary. So I want to register your product Efficient Diary, however, the problem is that I have been keeping diary for several years, if I change to your product, what is the easy way to transfer the abundant items of my "odf" file to "edfx" file?
Our software support importing any .csv file. So you could export your old diary as .csv file and then import to our software. Please make sure the first line in the comma delimited file to be imported must be the line for column header; otherwise this file cannot be imported.

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