Users Say

"I'm 71 years old and I'm very sick. I have many things to share with my family, children, grandchildren and friends. For years I go always to sites like Snapfiles, Majorgeeks, Freewarefiles, etc. Recently I was looking for a program that could help me keep my memories. Before I tried different kind of offices and e-books but they are not a solution and e-books for instance demand some knowledge I don't have more time in my life to learn it. In I found your program. With Efficient Diary Pro I have everything I need to do. It is a Heaven's gift! It is very easy to use and I can avoid to learn languages of programming and it's issues. Is it a magic of Merlin, Oz, or David Coperfield? It's fantastic! Inspired! I don't need a secretary or the help of some relatives, because Efficient Diary Pro does everything to me. The text editor is easy to use and there are no place to mistakes. You can find what you wrote before trough a very simple way. In the old age like I am now is very difficult to remember almost all you want to say. Your brain and body are not the same when you were 20, 30 or 40 years old. Registering names and facts allows you go beyond you could expect. Efficient Diary Pro is a new and fresh memory I've got. Efficient is the word: that's all!"

- Eduardo Amaral Machado de Araujo
March 2012

"Keep up the good job, ED developers. I really love your all apps, including ED. :)"

- Adelina Novia
March 2012

"This is a great piece of software. I have been looking for Diary software and I have looked at the other free one. Any plans for being able to import the contacts from Outlook 2010?"

- Tom Savarese
March 2012

"I have now been using Efficient Diary Pro 3.0 for almost three months. I use it daily and love it. Just one suggestion. Would it be possible to incorporate in the next upgrade a "Format Painter" such as Word has?"

- Daniel Crane
March 2012

"2. What was the biggest influence on your decision to purchase Efficient Diary Pro? My answer: LANGUAGE & COMFORT 3. Please write down your comments on Efficient Diary Pro. My answer: CONVENIENT & ESTHETIC"

- Wieslaw Perkowski
February 2012

"I've been trying your product Efficient Diary for some years , and now your product has made progress to the Efficient Diary Professional, and at the same time I've been using the Office Diary as a registered user. Compare to the Office Diary, your Efficient Diary is superior in the powerful search capabilities as well as the viewing tree of the diary items. As to my special preference, I favor the search capabilities of your Efficient Diary."

- leephllp
January 2012

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