Users Say

"Great diary product! Pros: Easy to edit and use; you can add almost anything into your entry; password protect system. Cons: No free spell checking."

- flytomars
August 2010

"Amazing Diary. Pros: I've downloaded this software today. I find it simple awesome. I think it has the perfect features.... may be not very high fashioned. But exactly what a true diary writer needs. All u creators of this software- thank you so much. Cons: Nothing as of now. Summary: Real Efficient."

- buzz_saroj
January 2010

"Just what I was looking for! Pros: I just downloaded this program and already entered my first entry. It was so simple and easy to do and I love all the different fonts and the cute little emoticons. So far, so good! Cons: The interface styles are kind of limited and you can't create your own that I can tell but other than that I can't find anything wrong with it yet. Summary: I adore the fact that you can put a mood (or the weather) and a title on each entry and even make multiple entries for the same day if you want too. This is a great program all the way around and I am thouroghly enjoying it so far!"

- vamptriana4evr
November 2009

"Does what a Diary is supposed to do, and well... Pros: Well laid out, with good search and sorting functions. Easy to make an entry and save it without any fuss. Apply "group" label to make sorting easier. Full featured text editor including font and color control. Even supports tables and graphics. Cons: Not much. Time stamp is done automatically, but hidden. Have to go to "Show Details" in "View" menu to see time stamp. Summary: I've only started using this in the last month, but I find the only challenge to using this program is actually remembering to put the entries in. Handy pick lists make it easy to track the weather or one's mood on a daily basis. Absolutely one of the finest crafted free programs out there. It is versatile and will prove useful for tracking personal and professional day to day activities."

- pgsmidt
October 2009

"Great! Great Diary, thanks for this excellent software!"

- zoranz
September 2009

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