Users Say

"2. What was the biggest influence on your decision to purchase Efficient Diary Pro? My answer: I tested the product and it had many features that I liked including the ease of use. 3. Please write down your comments on Efficient Diary Pro. My answer: I like the fact that I could start using the software right away without going through a long tutorial. It is very easy to use and within minutes I had already started my first diary page. I have used MS Word for years at work, so the similarities helped."

- Anne Marie Taylor
October 2012

"I Love This Diary! Pros: Very easy and simple. Like Word. Cons: I Haven't any dislikes. Summary: You Must LOVE this diary so much!!!"

- amanihalim
December 2011

"Great program! Pros: Easy to understand and easy to use. Cons: I'm using on windows 7 and not found any issues. Summary: I recommanded it who wants create custom diary."

- saurabh9m
November 2011

"Good program! Pros: It works perfectly. I use as a notes organizer - just set it to 'group view' instead of 'date view' and I'm good to go. I'm able to make folders for notes, subfolders too. I'm using it on Windows 7. Cons: None really. Summary: Once every rare ocassion a small window comes up when you first open the program which says there's a pay for version. I don't mind it since the program is really good and I'm keeping it since it's not worth throwing it away for such a rare occurence."

- stick joe
July 2011

"2. What was the biggest influence on your decision to purchase EfficientPIM? My answer: Most important: portable (Flash) operation so that my "databank" is not tied to a particular computer or location. Very important: encryption, password protection, hierarchical (tree-type) file organization Important: simple to use. 3. Please write down your comments on EfficientPIM. My answer: Over the years, I've used several PIMs, most recently Essential PIM; ended up with Efficient PIM and hope to stick with it for a loooong time :) The feature that swayed me from Essential PIM to Effective PIM is ability of the latter one to set separate passwords for different modules, such as Contacts or Notes, or Password Manager within an open program."

- John Libera
January 2010

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